Monday, May 4, 2009

9 months + 26.2 miles

another month quickly passed and here we are! Wyatt is 9 months old! we can't believe it either. he is just getting rounder and cuter with each passing day. we have been up to a lot, and so has Wyatt. I'll try to keep it short - Twitter style.

Wyatt loves eating. he has a broad(er) palate these days. prunes, zucchini, eggs, green beans, mangoes. he especially loves eating with his shirt off:

he is napping a little bit better as well. falling asleep just about anywhere, apparently:

Wyatt enjoys book very much. reading with daddy is a favorite pastime. they enjoy "On the Go Sounds" and "Cuddly Babies", but have also finished "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Call of the Wild:

He has become very, very attached to daddy, just look:

or is daddy attached to wyatt?:

and though we are happy, i think we are all covered in Wyatt's dinner:

finally - i wanted to post some pictures from Aunt Sue/Goo's AWESOME marathon! we sent Wyatt to the grandparents and followed her all over the city as she pounded the pavement through 22 Pittsburgh neighborhoods! WAY TO RUN AUNT GOO!!!


  1. Happy 9 Months, Wyatt! I didn't think it was possible, but he's even cuter than the last time I saw him! He looks so LOOONG in that high chair picture, tell him to slow down so Liv can catch up. Oh, and way to go, Susie, what an accomplishment!

  2. Leah - Wyatt looks wonderful and so do all of you! Thanks for keeping us updated. See you Friday.
    Jen, Will, and Isabel :)

  3. Yay Sue/Goo!
    You're such a great blogger. Wyatt looks great, how long is that boy?! Can't wait to introduce him to Olivia. Miss you and think about you lots!