Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here's to making it through the first year!

hi everyone! i've decided to try to update the blog this month with as many pictures as i can find of Wyatt's entrance into YEARS (rather than months, though i know us mommies still say things like 16 months, 18 months, 22 months). my reason to be so excited about having a ONE YEAR OLD is that, well, the odds are not exactly in our favor. Wyatt's condition often takes children's lives early and so having a ONE YEAR OLD is as much a gift as we could ask for.

a quick "health" update before we get to the good stuff. Wyatt has been having a bit of trouble gaining weight. we are taking slow steps towards the g-tube and probably a fundoplication. if you are a parent out there with a child that has either of those, i'd love to hear your experiences (good and bad).

Wyatt has 2 teeth and probably more on the way. i really can't believe that the human body does this to children. those things are SHARP! and he hated them at first. but he seems to have gotten used to the idea.

we are experimenting with some new dosing in his medication and so far have had a happy, napping, eating, smiling, gooing, kissy, lovey, wide-eyed little man. i hope the effects stick :)

and now for the good stuff:

family picture in front of the old house. the rhodies are nice, though, don't you think?

dada and his bubba

daddy tossing the baby, he loves it, i swear.
a quick pic of big sis, Anna, missing us, I'm sure!

visits with friends -

Jen and her new lovey - can you hear the clock ticking?? ;)
when friends attack - Little Livy giving Wyatt a much deserved smack:

one of my favorite pictures of Wyatt, maybe because he looks SO CHUBBY. he's not, but i love this anyway.

i have a bunch more pictures to share and hopefully will get them on here soon. thanks for being patient! we love you all and can't wait to celebrate a YEAR with you!


  1. Yay for (almost) ONE YEAR! Y gets cuter and more lovey every day. We're so lucky to have him in our lives. Liv would like him to know that smacking him is just how she shows her love and she's glad that he puts up with it. :)

  2. Thanks for the update Leah. You all look great. We did a quick last minute NY visit and are talking about a road trip home next summer. Pittsburgh would definitely be on the list! Olivia can't wait to meet him. PLEASE post pics of him with his 1-year cake, they are the best! Love you lots!

  3. Hey, I hope your summer is going great.
    Our little guy got a feeding tube (MicKey button) shortly after turning one...same reason not gaining weight.
    I am an advocate for feeding tubes but not really the fundoplication.
    For the feeding tube - these kiddos have so much to battle. They need all they can, nutrition and strength, to do all they can. Nutrition is so important. Of course we do not want our child to have a feeding tube but it can be so extremely benefical to them. They get what they need instead of us force feeding them, counting calories and making eating a bad experience thus not helping eating orally the situation.
    The fundo - comes with complications. We have fought off Brayden getting one for over a year.

    Praying that whatever decision you make you are at peace and it is helpful to Wyatt.