Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A day to remember

whew. well, now that Wyatt's birthday week has come and gone we are attempting to return to some state of normalcy. apparently, when it comes to celebrating, we know how to do it right. we spread the party out all week, culminating in a birthday bash on Saturday. i think we really wore the little cowboy out because he came down with a nasty, nasty virus on Sunday night. so nasty, his 104.5 temperature took us to the ER. blech. but, today he is on the up and up and let's hope next time the Northrop's decide to throw a party, we'll leave the barfing off the list.

a quick re-cap of Wyatt's fun-filled birthDAY:

Waking up on his birthday:

A trip with Aunt Goo to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

wait, you said the zoo? yessssssss!

did i mention it was raining on our zoo trip?

two mamas and two babies

i was excited about this sign because i have actually been to Timbuktu! seriously, i have.

um, mom....did you know that there is a bear behind us?

Wyatt really loved the aquarium. i think it was like a giant mobile for him!

i KNEW that was going to be fun! thanks aunt goo!

chilling out with Aunt Goo:

If Wyatt can't HAVE a dog we will dress him up like one...

no time to eat dad, must keep my eyes on this big blue balloon!

birthday bath...
Wyatt slept well that night. i will be posting his party pictures soon. enjoy!

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