Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Last Time

it's been a long while since i posted anything about our little cowboy.   the past 2 months have,  how can i say it, um, really hard.  on april 15th Wy had a terrible seizure and we did the whole icu thing.  the routine that we had become familiar with in 2010, but hadn't experienced since september.  the rest of april and may were spent trying to keep everyone healthy, getting ready for the new baby, and just focusing on having fun.  oh yeah, we got a dog too.  unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, Wyatt scared us again last week and we are, again, in the icu.  this time was tough.  and seemed worse.  maybe because i am a bit more emotional.  perhaps because i was on my own.  but there's nothing like being 2 weeks away from giving birth and watching an er team intubate your lifeless child.  

being the super tough cowboy that he is, Wyatt seems to be making a good recovery.  and while last week's heat wave left me wishing that i would go early, i'm doing everything in my power to keep the littler littlest cowboy warm and cozy right where he is.  (but nobody ever tells you how to stall labor, they only tell you how to speed it up, ideas??)

we are grateful for the love and support of those around us, and i'm here to say, keep it up people!  we are diving into uncharted territory (for us).   people do it all the time, right?   well, wish us luck.  wish wyatt a speedy recovery.  wish for world peace.  we all need it!  :)  


  1. Big hugs to you! Please keep us posted and let us see pictures of your new cowboy when he makes his big enterance!

  2. Hang in heart is with you. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do. I am happy to babasit either adorable child. I miss you at Bellefield!

  3. thanks for the update. great to run into you the other day in sq hill. sorry to hear that things haven't been so good in the last couple of months. you all are amazingly strong and wyatt is such a fighter. hang in there and all my best thoughts are with you on your new journey ahead.