Monday, November 10, 2008

It was love at first bite!

when Olivia and Bekah come to visit we always have such a nice time. we've gone on walks with strollers and baby carriers, been shopping and to the coffee shops of Squirrel Hill. i know he's just playing hard to get, but Wyatt either sleeps through his dates or acts very uninterested. i'm sure that will pass, but i have to give little Livy props - she sure is persistent!


  1. She is persistent, isn't she? Hopefully some day she will stop hitting him in the face so he can reciprocate!

  2. This is Brayden's momma from, stopping over to say hi. Your little man is adorable!
    I would like to "chat" with you over email or blogs, whatever works.
    The absolute best help in being a parent is other parents, especially when dealing with big medical issues. Doctors give get information but not how to handle it.
    Email me anytime.