Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

and it's only November! light up nights (plural) abound here in the Northeast as soon as Halloween passes and so we took advantage of Sue's prime location in the cute little village of Aspinwall to layer up the baby and make him wait in line to have his picture taken with Santa. i wasn't prepared for the fact that the hour long wait would be spent watching everyone else plopping their infants (most smaller than Wyatt) onto the big guy's lap. i guess i expected to be the only insane parent there. glad to know i'm not alone!! i have to admit, he did great - not one tear in line OR when Santa got a hold of him. he wouldn't look at the camera, but Sue assured me that, being only mid-November, we'd have plenty of other opportunities to get a good shot of Wyatt with St. Nick. below are a few of the pictures from Wyatt's first trip to see Santa. Incidentally, he asked for world peace and to be able to sleep through the night...

the next day there was a quiet and beautiful snowfall that had me itching to go for a walk, so, again, i layered up the little guy and strapped him into the front pack. which he LOVES (sic, check out his face in the first picture for proof) and we trekked up to the main shops on Murray and Forbes Aves. well, the quiet and beautiful snowfall that i observed from the windows of our toasty warm apartment was more like a blizzard once we were out in it, and i had to laugh. at first it was precious, snow falling on the baby's lips and he was licking them and waiting for more. but soon, he was fast asleep, in his cookie monster snowsuit with his face buried on my chest, and i was being pelted in the face and could barely see where i was going. we stopped in a few stores to defrost and then headed home. he didn't even wake up until i tried to peel him out of the suit. i think he had fun. i know i did.


  1. i love his snowsuit! he looks so warm and snuggly despite the snow!

  2. That blue coverall looks so soft, you must want to hold him forever in it.
    He looks adorable all snuggled in the carrier! I am a little jealous that you have snow and impressed that you went for a stroll in the snow!

  3. love the pictures of both of you! (and Santa)
    hope you have a good thanksgiving --


  4. thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Cross your fingers that I don't dress him up as a turkey... :)

  5. love the winter pictures!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!