Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We are ok

we really are. i mean it.

if it sounds like i am trying to talk myself into believing that, you might be right. but i today, i think we are ok.

it's Wednesday and i should be at work, but Wyatt has a fever and so couldn't stay at daycare today. i had to go pick him up and for some reason that really scared me. there are so many things about him that scare me. he coughs, i'm scared, he vomits, i'm terrified! he won't nap he won't eat, i'm crabby and afraid. what if he never naps? what if he is always this fussy???

well, we will finally be going to back to the medicine that initially helped him, but that wasn't covered by insurance. now it is. now that we tried 3 others that had nasty side effects. poor baby.

seriously though, we are ok. we've been to a few doctor appointments and an evaluation at the Children's institute this week. it was pretty cool and i think it will help us out a lot.

i'll quit talking now and let you see what you came for:

a visit with GREAT grandparents:

a visit with Anna IN PITTSBURGH!!!:

an attempted family photo:

an attack on Aunt Goo/Sue:

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  1. Boo! I hate to hear that Y isn't feeling well - I hope his fever breaks soon. LOVE the pictures and am so excited that you guys finally got your Anna-in-Pittsburgh visit. Love to all of you and please give those chubbers a squeeze for me.