Friday, February 6, 2009

A Week of Firsts!

it's been a good week here in the Northrop house. Wyatt is now 6 months old! he has been such a joy. most of the time...Wyatt has been quite busy. let's start with Sunday:

it was Wyatt's first rock concert! we went to WYEP's Alternative Souper Bowl on Sunday afternoon. both Ben and I were a bit nervous, but excited to see Brewer's Row, as we haven't been to a show since before I was pregnant! we were so happy to find out that Wyatt loves the band as much as we do! he was so entranced by the lights and the sounds...then he started to sing along! it was great to see him kicking is feet and bouncing around. i wish we would have thought to bring a camera! check out the Brewer's Row website and see how it's impossible to sit still when they are playing! later, Wyatt made it abundantly clear that he is NOT a sports fan. he cried through the ENTIRE Super Bowl!!

second, Wyatt has been loving his fruits and veggies. case in point:

the applesauce is a big hit. he absolutely loves to eat solid foods and i'm a bit fearful that he is starting to hate his bottle....thought still a little guy, Wyatt is growing steadily and we are happy to feed him as much as he can handle!

and finally, Wyatt and I went to our first Mommy and Me yoga class and Schoolhouse. it was an interesting experience, fun fun never the less. Wyatt wasn't too happy at first, but then the quiet room of little babes became louder and louder and it seemed the noise put Wyatt to sleep. the louder the room, the sounder the slept. he didn't up until we got home! i think we'll try it again soon...

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  1. I'm so glad that Wyatt like yoga, it is in his blood after all! We miss him terribly - Liv cried herself to sleep tonight because we had to miss our date today. Can't wait to see you guys and squeeze those cheeks (Wyatt's of course, though if you want yours squeezed, I'm sure Liv will oblige) soon!