Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back Again

thanks for all the comments about Wyatt's newest endeavor, yoga. we've had to put his practice sessions on hold for the past 4 days - we are back at Children's with another bout of respiratory illness. i'm not specifying the type because the truth is i really don't know if it's pneumonia, croup or whatever. didn't you ask? (you might ask) of course. it's never clear. everything is pneumonia-like, a possibility of this, a chance of that. and since Wyatt's diagnosis complicates most areas of his functioning, it slows the processes down. anyway, we are surviving. if only i could sleep at night, this would be like a vacation for me. the new Children's Hospital here in Pittsburgh is quite comfortable. a sushi bar in the cafeteria, a view of the city that anyone would pay an arm and a leg for. i have hours upon hours to kill, with no house to clean and no paperwork to complete. but since i'm dog tired i am not enjoying myself. Wyatt isn't either. he hasn't been his happy, smiley self lately and it stinks to see him so crabby. but we started him back on the full feed a few hours ago and he hasn't needed any oxygen for 24 hours....so here's hoping we are home tomorrow! wish us luck!


  1. I hope he gets better soon and those smiles start coming! I hope that you find some rest for your body and mind.

  2. i hear ya, hospital is not fun and i am usually way sleep deprived after being in there with harvey!! glad he's on the mend though xxx