Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wee, Wee, Wee...All the Way Home

actually, more like cough, barf, wahhhhhhh all the way home. but we are here. and luckily it's only a 15 minute trip! they released Wyatt last night from Children's with a few new meds and a little less congestion. not much though, he is still raspy and full of mucous (ew, too much information?), but is in a much better mood and eating better as well. i hope to keep him healthier, somehow, and make the best of a missed week of work. for now we are all happy to be sleeping at home! thanks for the well wishes everyone!


  1. Thinking about you guys! I'm glad you're home and can (hopefully) get some rest!

  2. harvey is mucous man too at the moment ! its either that or reflux but whatever it is its just pouring out of his nose. glad you are home, its so much better than hospital do you use aromatherapy? i burn lavender and teatree oil in harveys room when he's sick, it kind of seems to act like a disinfectant and decongestant too and really makes the room smell great, the lavender helps harvey sleep and stay calm too, take care xxx

  3. I hope all is going well - and the snow isn't compicating things too much. Give him a kiss for me...