Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cross Your Fingers

We are heading to surgery tomorrow and *hoping* that nothing comes up to prevent it. This will be our third try since January. Every time we set the date, Wyatt decides he doesn't want to go and throws a major kink in the plan. Like a seizure or pneumonia. Little rascal. But he has been very healthy (KNOCK ON WOOD) and so I think we'll make it.

The surgery is for a fundoplication. Pretty standard procedure I think. It is one, however that we have put off in the past. Wyatt's vomiting has become unbearable. For him and for us. It's often, violent and really keeping him from gaining weight. He hasn't been losing any, but is still gaining so slowly.

SO keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't have any excitement tonight, that he makes it through the day tomorrow and he recovers. Quickly. So he can enjoy the sunshine!


  1. All Park fingers and toes are crossed. We love you guys and will look forward to hearing the good news about a successful surgery!

  2. same here leah , all appendages available and flexible enough are crossed, glad to hear he's been so healthy, lots of love and warm hugs, anne xxx

  3. I'll be thinking about all of you - GOOD LUCK!