Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

as you can see, we are resting peacefully. Wyatt has been doing well. his pain seems to be managed much better this go around. he was given an epidural and with that, we've had no problems with his oxygen levels (as is often the case when we are in the hospital) and he - and daddy - are getting plenty of rest. mom on the other hand....boy do i get bored. and i'm not a napper. so i twiddle my thumbs, think of all the paperwork piled on my desk, and then go back to surfing the web and reading The Palace of Illusions.

i also have become acutely aware of what is going on in the rooms around us. and this is one of the hardest things to see. babies and toddlers with no parents at their bedsides. no one coming to visit. no one (except a few volunteers) holding them while they sleep. of course, i'm not allowed (i asked) or i would be in there in a heart beat. sweet little things. scared and all alone. it makes me thankful for my life, and grateful to have been given the chance to support Wyatt through all of these terrifying procedures and scary new people.

next post will hopefully be from home! thanks for the support everyone!


  1. Well, don't they look cute? :) I'm glad you guys are doing so well. I get the boredom thing though, can you get online easily? We should start a facebook scrabble game or something. When is discharge?

  2. ben is such a great dad leah, you are both wonderful parents to wyatt and why wouldn't you be, i never understood parents that just left their kids in hospital like they were adult patients. i guess everyone has their own story. glad his sats are good and may they continue to be so!!! xxx

  3. Give your little angel some hugs from us!

  4. glad surgery went well and you're on the road to recovery! I get the boredom thing too... I'm not a napper either. how is it that yoga teachers often don't know how to relax??? :) hang in there. thanks for the updates.