Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life on the Inside

here we are, again.  back at children's for the foreseeable future.  wyatt's vomiting and respiratory problems became unbearable for him (and us) through the night last night and so we packed up and have parked ourselves in the PICU.  i am already sick of the PICU.  don't get me wrong, the staff, docs, nurses, therapists, social workers, everyone, is fantastic.  but i am tired.  and so is ben.  and so is our sweet little cowboy.

his battle with the vomit has become increasingly challenging over the summer.  he had a fundoplication done (to stop the vomit) in April and is worked for hmmmm, about 2 months.  then back at it.  he had adenoids out a month ago, in hopes of decreasing airway obstruction and guess what?  he snores worse than ever.  hmph.

so we had planned for a voluntary admission on Sept. 8th to get these issues sorted out.  all the tests condensed into a 3 day hospital stay.  but we didn't make it.  and here we are.  saturday of a holiday weekend and you know what that means.  no one is here to do the tests.  double hmph.

please send a large helping of love and healing thoughts to little wyatt.  he is struggling, but still his smiling self.


  1. I will be sending my love and support to Wyatt and strength and rest to his mom and dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please let me know if you need anything - or if you want me to bring anything by the hospital (like an air mattress!!!!)

  2. I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time! Good luck with getting the tests done and hopefully finding something to help Wyatt. I will be thinking of you and praying for you all!

  3. so sorry to hear that you are back at the hospital, Leah. I hope that something comes of these latest tests so he can get some relief and you guys can have a break to just enjoy each other at home. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. that was a lovely note about your neighbors helping with your yard work. :) take good care.

  4. Oh, I pray that things are going better and they are able to figure something out.
    We went through VERY similar things with Brayden and doing better now.
    He is only fed by his J tube (of his g-j tube). The vomitting was still not stopping so instead he was vomitting bile and that was turning bloody from all the damage it was causing. The only thing that helped was for him to be NPO.
    We ended up trying a new doctor. He suggested we pump his stomach. Sounds crazy but Brayden's stomach was/is not handling even his saliva and bile. We suction/pump his stomach 3-5 times a day. A machine that people use for respitory, we hook into his g-j tube into the g port.

    It has kept us out of the hospital so several months. The fundoplication did not work for us.

    If you need to