Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He Did It Again!

that's right, the littlest cowboy has done it again!  Wyatt has made a full recovery from our latest trip to the icu. his diagnosis was severe GERD.  the solution was to change his G tube into a G-J tube.  and he hasn't vomited once since Saturday Sept 4th!  we are holding our breath, as we always do, hoping that this streak of good health holds out for a longer stretch.  the J tube requires a different feeding schedule, he is on a pump for 20 out of 24 hours a day now.  honestly, i find it easier than planning around the 6 daily feedings that we were doing with his G-tube.  we are able to be a bit more spontaneous, meeting dad at the park on the way home from work, taking a trip to the local farmer's market and going for walks.
there is always a sense of mourning when we take another step away from what is "normal".  in the beginning i was very resistant to most permanent medical interventions, such as the g-tube, the j-tube and the fundoplication.  but knowing that Wyatt is more comfortable afterwards makes all the difference.
thank you to everyone out there who sent text messages, emails, phone calls and comments on the blog.   we appreciate all of the support!  and now that i'm not mopping vomit off of every surface in our house, maybe i'll have some time to post some pictures on this darn blog!


  1. Great news, Leah! Glad you're feeling better, Wyatt:)

    Love, Auntie Nicky

  2. Yay! What fantastic news! I am so happy to hear that Wyatt is doing so well! xoxoxo

  3. So great that your son is going to be more comfortable. You seem to have such a beautiful attitude through it - enjoying the park and farmers market. I'm looking forward to the pictures when you get a chance.

  4. wonderful to hear this update... go Wyatt! I'm often crossing my fingers as I check the blog in the hopes that he's on the mend, so happy for you all. take good care and do let me know if you have some time to meet up anywhere, anytime and of course if I can do anything. miss seeing you.