Friday, October 22, 2010

No More Promises

it's become very clear that i am not made out for the blogging world.  i haven't updated since Wyatt's last visit to the hospital and it's not because there's nothing going on!  i'm taking full responsibility though, and have to admit that it's because my job really picked up.
i'll toot my own horn for a moment and brag about the conference i attended where i presented the research i've been conducting.  that work kept me very busy.  and right now i'm procrastinating and not writing the paper that should go along with it!  oh yeah, i also got a new job!  i'm super excited about it - i'll be teaching yoga and conducting research at the Falk Laboratory School !  seriously, they have a resident yoga teacher?  yes.  and i'm her.  it's a beautiful new building in the middle of campus and it just seems like the right place for me.
one of the perks is that my children will be able to go there for free - a private school in the city!  a dream!  except, wait a minute...what about Wyatt?  right now he attends a super program for super special kids.  a daycare/preschool program called Child's Way.  we love it.  he loves it.  they take care of him so well.  but i know that 3 years old means transitions to new schools and so we are already dreading thinking about the where's and how's and even the if's.  and we are getting close.
what i wouldn't give for my Wyatt to go to this school.  my new boss, was sweet and pointed out that special needs kids are accepted and cared for, even those that require nurses...but, i tried to explain.  he's really special.  and i've already decided that i don't want him to be the most special.
so i guess i'll be the one to go to the private school in the city for now...
and i'm not going to promise that i'll post pictures soon.  apparently i'm not good at keeping that promise!

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  1. Hi Leah - just checking in... I heard Wyatt was not doing well right now. Hope he is better soon. Congratulations on the exciting work changes for you!! It all sounds awesome - what a great opportunity. Take care and keep in touch.