Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blast from the Past - Summer Fun

i figured you might want to check out a few pictures from our summer fun.  if you are a follower of The Littlest Cowboy you might know that our summer, especially August and September were really tough.  we did have some good times though and i'm glad we were able to document them!

first up - Wyatt's sister Anna visited for a week long sleepover!  it was super fun.  and as you can see, Wyatt loved having another kid around.  she was sweet with him and brought him a lovely present - a cuddly penguin.  she is a thoughtful little 5 year old.  at one point she told me, "you know that guy who is in a wheelchair but is very, VERY, smart?  I think Wyatt will be like him."  i'm pretty sure she meant Stephen Hawking.  a mother can only dream... :)  

next up - a little trip to the mountains for the family (our first and only family vacation to date, a 3-day weekend to the Poconos for a family reunion).   this was Wyatt's first experience in the pool.  he enjoyed it (though you can't tell from the expression on his face) and we even got a season pass to the pool in our neighborhood.  we used it a ton in June and July, but when Wy got too sick in August, not so much.  

These family shots are from a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  they have a evening called "Dream Night at the Zoo".  it's a chance for special needs families to explore the park.  it was packed with people of all abilities and we had a good time.  though i think Wy liked the people more than the animals! 

and here you have Wyatt with his globe-trotting grandparents.  they were back for a super fun visit.  as you can see they make him giggle.  we had a short but sweet visit with Grandpa a few weeks ago, and we miss Grammie tons.  hurry home!!

more to come, including pictures from Wyatt's birthday party.  yes, he's almost 27 months now.  I KNOW.  but enjoy these smiles for now.  they have been getting more frequent and chubby in the past month, so you know they'll be good.  love!


  1. Love these pictures, can't wait to see more!!!

  2. wonderful photos. so glad you had a happy summer despite the challenging times. always looking forward to seeing more. take care!

  3. Such a fun trip! OH, Wyatt is so cute!! I love his sweet smile. I bet he loved being in the water.

    Congrats on such a great job, what fun. I have always wanted to be a fitness instructor...not yoga, that stuff is too hard for me. More like step or kickboxing....someday, maybe.

    Love, Bree