Saturday, January 29, 2011


well, we've got lots of winners out there, so here is your picture!  (if you'd like one for your fridge, autographed no less, send me your address :)

so the news is out, our family is about to grow.  me, i'm already growing at a rapid pace. apparently, this little one is trending large, fabulous.  due in June, Wyatt's little brother will be making his long awaited debut.  but in case you wanted a sneak preview - wave to the crowd, little guy!

see ya soon!


  1. That's so wondeful!! Congratulations!!

  2. Yay! The cat's out of the bag! I love the shirt...and the boy in it!

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you. How far along are you? We'll have to get together some time to catch up before your new little boy is born. Wyatt looks wonderful! Take care.

  4. How exciting! Congratulations! I wonder how Wyatt will respond?!?
    We are also expecting and I have no idea how Ben is going to react when she arrives! Should be interesting!
    Good luck with your pregnancy!
    Kristi (PCH 2 Group Member)

  5. Congratulations to you, Ben, and Wyatt on the new little brother! Boys rock! I know I haven't posted before, but I keep up with you guys through your blog and love seeing how big Wyatt is getting, and with such great smiles! Take care,
    Adrianne aka Fanta