Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what have YOU been up to lately?

i was reading some of my older posts and i feel like i was witty back then.  my posts had themes and i was able to throw in jokes here and there.  they might even make it sound like i was happier back then.  now, i don't blog as often, and when i do, the posts are dry and short and well, boring.  well, they are.  so, i'm gonna try to clean it up a bit.  what else is there to do at 10pm while i await the night nurse's arrival?  don't ask my husband that question.  (SEE?!?  i am funny!)  (and for the record, i am happier NOW!)

so i really hope i don't jinx myself, but the littlest cowboy has been making strides lately.  he's been on a new med, Keppra, that was just a trial to help with his movement disorder, but it has helped tremendously.  and he may just be coming into his own.   he is making so many purposeful movements, reaching for his communication buttons to tell us yes or no, to take turns singing songs and even to activate computer games!
visually, he is a new kid.  tracking, looking for us, smiling and laughing when we are across the room.  these are all things that we weren't sure he'd ever do, and now it seems he trying his hand at all of them.
and sleeping, he is sleeping like a champ now.  i can actually count on two hands the number of nights he has slept 10+ hours in a row.  a real feat for a kid who wasn't getting more than 2 in a row and 7 a night.
he loves school, he loves therapy, he loves other kids and he loves (and i can say this with full confidence) us.  i just melt now, knowing that his smiles are for me.  that he SEES me and is happy about seeing me.  these are uncertainties that i have learned to live with, but am now proud to say are no longer a question deep down in my soul...

where's the witty you ask?  i don't know.  maybe i don't have to cover up anything with sarcasm and cracks now, i'm just really happy.  there may be other reasons too - the first one to guess wins an autographed picture of THIS KID to hang on their fridge!

yes, his shirt says i *heart* budapest.  thanks grandpap.


  1. i couldn't be happier for you , ben and wyatt, this post just brings a smile to my heart, after everything parents of kids with pch type 2 go through how wonderful to make those connections with each other, sending loads of love and i don't believe in jinxing yourself!! xxx anne

  2. Hmmm... I think that I know about the other reasons to be happy... but I'll follow your lead on this one. :) I am just so happy for you and Ben and Wyatt! He looks so stinking happy and he has many reasons to be - among those, he has GREAT parents. :) Lots of love to you and that cute little cowboy. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Not fair if I guess! :) I'm just excited for a wonderful 2011 for the Cowboy family!

  4. That's all wonderful news! I love hearing all of the good stuff that your little Cowboy is doing. As for the other reason to be happy? I could guess but instead I beg you to tell us soon!

  5. Is Wyatt going to be a big brother?!!!!

    Are you going to Disneyland?!!!

    Spill it, sister!

    Love, Bree