Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Time for Everything

most parents of 16 month olds blog, brag and generally go on and on about all the milestones that their little wonders are passing. the first steps, first words, first time on the potty, blah, blah, blah. i don't mean to sound crabby about it, lord knows that if my little wonder was walking, talking and hitting milestones on time, i would probably fill these pages with the details of every last one of them. and he is doing things we are excited about, recently he has started chewing. a big deal for our little outlaw.
but this week, his first proved to be more terrifying than anything else. Wyatt had a seizure on Sunday night. i don't really want to go into detail, but it was terrifying. we called the ambulance (another first) and spent a few days at Children's sorting it all out.
in terms of Wyatt's neurological complications, we have always known he is at risk for seizures. other children with PCH have them, though some don't. but having made it 16 months, i hoped maybe we were in the clear. doctors believe that an infection and high fever brought on the seizure and then during the seizure he aspirated and got a touch of pneumonia.
so while we are recovering, at home finally, the weeks drama has left me with a lot to think about. mainly, how lucky i am to have this little boy and how i really want to make sure he stays healthy to keep reaching milestones, no matter how small or late. i mean, doesn't this face say enough??

and one cool thing about the hospital stay was that Wyatt had a visit from some Pittsburgh Penguins. the picture is really bad b/c it was taken with my phone, and the funny part about it was that both Wyatt and i were fast asleep (at 3pm) and i woke up to all four of them standing over me. they were very nice and brought Wyatt a Christmas present, but i was so out of it, that i couldn't remember their names. i believe it's Maxime Talbot, Mark Eaton, Alex Goligoski and Eric Godard. i wouldn't know that unless i hadn't looked up the roster that had handy pictures by their names!

Friday, November 6, 2009

running late

i believe that was a title of a former post. just an indication of how things have been going around here lately!

at the end of September Wyatt spent 4 days at Children's to have a g-tube placed. it has been a long recovery for all of us. i think, initially, he was in a lot of pain, then that passed. then he got a bad cold. and that passed. now, he has decided not to sleep at night. and we are waiting for that to pass, too. Ben likes to call Wyatt a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. we just can't seem to figure him out sometimes.

luckily fall is my favorite time of year and my husband is one of the most patient and kind men i know - all in all it's been a good few months. Wyatt has become stronger, has started to really use his hands and arms to reach for toys and interacts with them as he hadn't in the past. his vision evaluation was extremely promising and he continues to improve his skills everyday. and the biggest news of all - at his 15 month check-up, Wyatt was finally back on the growth charts for weight! a status we haven't enjoyed for several months.

here are some fun shots of Wyatt posing with Aunt Goo and me, dressed as Clifford the little red puppy (as one of my yoga kids pointed out) and suffering through the punkin carving again!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The End of Summer

i wish i was a better blogger, i really do. i saw this blog today Run with E, and the author posts like every hour. i mean, she may as well twitter. but then again, i doubt she has MY LIFE. and what a wonderful life it is. most days. here are a few of the good ones:
a long awaited picture from the dinner group. can you see little Rhyse in there? She was just 2 weeks old!

we've come a long way since this!!!!! (circa 2006)

a cute shot of Aunt Goo with her LB (little buddy).

the little cowboy really getting into his discovery farm book:

looking like i caught him reading a dirty magazine or something!
i think this is where he gets his love of books:

a very, very happy boy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Party!

a very, very special thank you to all of our family and friends who traveled near and far to help Wyatt celebrate in style. we had such a great time and honestly, are looking forward to next year already! especially if we get to eat another one of these: (THANK YOU Uncle Will and Aunt Alyssa!)

Scenes from the first cake eating experience. i think he likes it!

the family:

The friends:

the cornhole:
the bubbles!:
finally enjoying his spoils:

and one for your viewing pleasure. can you believe how little Wyatt is? can you believe how rested Ben is? This picture brings back such mixed feelings. pure joy and innocence, of course. we didn't know a thing about PCH. but knowing hasn't changed how much we love and care for our little cowboy. i can't wait to experience everything this second year has to offer!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A day to remember

whew. well, now that Wyatt's birthday week has come and gone we are attempting to return to some state of normalcy. apparently, when it comes to celebrating, we know how to do it right. we spread the party out all week, culminating in a birthday bash on Saturday. i think we really wore the little cowboy out because he came down with a nasty, nasty virus on Sunday night. so nasty, his 104.5 temperature took us to the ER. blech. but, today he is on the up and up and let's hope next time the Northrop's decide to throw a party, we'll leave the barfing off the list.

a quick re-cap of Wyatt's fun-filled birthDAY:

Waking up on his birthday:

A trip with Aunt Goo to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

wait, you said the zoo? yessssssss!

did i mention it was raining on our zoo trip?

two mamas and two babies

i was excited about this sign because i have actually been to Timbuktu! seriously, i have.

um, mom....did you know that there is a bear behind us?

Wyatt really loved the aquarium. i think it was like a giant mobile for him!

i KNEW that was going to be fun! thanks aunt goo!

chilling out with Aunt Goo:

If Wyatt can't HAVE a dog we will dress him up like one...

no time to eat dad, must keep my eyes on this big blue balloon!

birthday bath...
Wyatt slept well that night. i will be posting his party pictures soon. enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Party time is ALMOST here!!!

are you ready?? :)

sorry this is such a lazy post, for some reason i'm not able to organize the pictures well. just enjoy those chubby little cheeks! more to come!