Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All Yoga All the Time

that's how it feels anyway.  mama's new job started and we are all adjusting.  Wyatt is at home with a wonderful nurse/nanny one day a week and he still attends "school" the other two days.  Wyatt has adjusted very well and really loves Tracy (his n/n).  dada has adjusted well too - he has a little break in between coming home from work and Wy-duty to work-out or write or what ever floats his boat.  mama is adjusting ok too.  the first week she had a few breakdowns, actually stalked her own house, driving by and trying to see any action from the windows.  but now, three weeks in, she is learning the ropes at school and more comfortable with someone else helping out at home.

there seems to be a lot of guilt that comes with a mother deciding to work out of the home, especially when that home contains a child with special needs.  we are lucky enough to be able to afford for me not to work.  and i've considered it for sure.  but i have found working to be like a therapy for me (although not a replacement for regular therapy of course!).  granted, my work is teaching yoga to children (and adults), so (i think) it's a low stress, very fulfilling job.  i have learned so much about myself through the process of developing another part of my identity, i've learned about how to talk to others about my son and how to share my experiences in a helpful way.  so anyway, maybe part of me still feels a little guilty about leaving home to work with other children.  maybe that's why i wrote all this out.  but the more i think about, the more i know that it has made me a better mother to my Wyatt.  and that's all that counts!

here is a little picture of heaven: