Friday, November 6, 2009

running late

i believe that was a title of a former post. just an indication of how things have been going around here lately!

at the end of September Wyatt spent 4 days at Children's to have a g-tube placed. it has been a long recovery for all of us. i think, initially, he was in a lot of pain, then that passed. then he got a bad cold. and that passed. now, he has decided not to sleep at night. and we are waiting for that to pass, too. Ben likes to call Wyatt a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. we just can't seem to figure him out sometimes.

luckily fall is my favorite time of year and my husband is one of the most patient and kind men i know - all in all it's been a good few months. Wyatt has become stronger, has started to really use his hands and arms to reach for toys and interacts with them as he hadn't in the past. his vision evaluation was extremely promising and he continues to improve his skills everyday. and the biggest news of all - at his 15 month check-up, Wyatt was finally back on the growth charts for weight! a status we haven't enjoyed for several months.

here are some fun shots of Wyatt posing with Aunt Goo and me, dressed as Clifford the little red puppy (as one of my yoga kids pointed out) and suffering through the punkin carving again!!