Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A boy after my own heart

as some of you may know - i am a yoga teacher. (along with being Wyatt's mom, a wife, a therapist, a researcher, a messy house keeper, and a Twilight addict. yes, she said it. even that last one is true!) so when Wyatt completely passed out during his physical therapy session in child's pose i couldn't help take pictures. i've been dreaming of the day when he would do some yoga on his own. you know i'm constantly twisting him and moving him around in yoga-like poses, but for some reason, seeing him do this just melted my heart. and it reminded me of a story my mom told me once, about a yoga teacher she had that fell asleep in child's pose while teaching the class!

here he is. my little yogini cowboy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i wanted to post some pictures of Wyatt from christmas and i can't believe it has taken so long! so without further ado, i present to you, Wyatt's Holiday Photo Shoot 2009...

aunt sue was kind enough to take the pictures...we had set up a time with a photographer through the littlest hero's project, to come take the pictures. she never showed. i was so disappointed, but Aunt Goo to the rescue, like usual, and they turned out great.

after making it through 2 bouts of pnuemonia in december, we were pleasantly surprised that the holidays went off without a hitch. i will be posting more pictures soon. but i wanted to get these up before i lost my train of thought!