Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes we are home

and boy are we spent.  we actually came home a week ago.  Wyatt is doing very well.  he had been snoring extremely loud for the first several days post-op, but is breathing much quieter now.  seems the congestion is still present, and i'm wondering when he will ever recover completely.  but for now we are pleased with how far he's come.  it never ceases to amaze me that the "easy" procedures are so darn tough.  i did actually expect this to be easier.  Wyatt's mommy and daddy are still trying to catch up.  5 days in the icu does NOT do the body good.  i've ended up with "walking pneumonia" and am trying to figure out a way to get healthy.  there's got to be one,  right?  well, for now, enjoy this smiling face, and SOMEDAY, i will get more pictures up.  soon.  really.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Than We Bargained For

we are going on day 4 at icu.  Wyatt had his adenoids out on friday.  we knew it would be a longer recovery and hospital stay than doctors predicted.  but not in the icu.  and not THIS long!
overall - he is doing ok.  it's just always about the breathing.  as they tell me, the ABC's of the icu start with airway and that is Wyatt's most complicated issue, lately and always.
after getting adenoids out, all kids have swelling.  since Wyatt's airway is a little "floppy" the swelling has taken his usual issues to a whole new level.
today, he ripped out the IV (that was in his NECK) and then screamed until the attendings took out the nasal trumpet that has been in to help expand his airway.  chaos ensued, after 17 sticks they finally placed a new iv (in his SHOULDER). and reinserted the wretched tube int his nose.
he has been extremely fussy and so that isn't helping matters either.
so anyway, we have been getting by, nurses and docs are pretty great here and we have an army of folks that have been coming to spell us for a bit of time.
so that's the little cowboy update.  send us good vibes in hopes of getting the heck OUT OF HERE!