Monday, March 21, 2011

music to my ears!

ok - there's no video really, but the song is AWESOME.  please just listen to it.  you'd think we lived in tombstone or something and not pittsburgh.  LOVE THE LITTLEST COWBOY!

On the to-do list

with a second on the way, our to-do list has taken over our life.  list?  it's is more like a book!  ben and i have been spending hours making lists, going over lists, divvying up lists, and amending lists.  and just when we can cross something off the list, 3 more things are added to it.  and i'm not talking shopping for new crib sheets and washing miniature onesies (which was what most of the lists in the pre-Wyatt era consisted of).
this new modern family of 3 lists include:
dada: finish master's thesis, plan parent's 40th anniversary party, finish renovating basement, plant garden;
mama: finish journal article, travel to Boston, help dada plan party, carry a baby to full term, go to the dang dentist;
Wyatt: learn to fall asleep on your own, get used to your new bedroom, transition to preschool (full day, everyday preschool), visit all of your specialists before the baby comes, get your stander fitted and delivered, and don't forget to stay healthy!

ok, so i'm playing a little violin solo for us today.  just for an hour or so.  and then we are back to the to-do list.  the main problem is, i think, that we are the type of people who thrive on these kinds of situations.  if there wasn't a to-do list, we would think of a new project and make a new list.  so does this mean it's never ending?  i'm afraid, it most likely does.

is there anyone else out there like this?  please, i need to know i'm not the only crazy one!  ;)