Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wyatt Speaks!

Hey everyone, Wyatt here. I've taken over posting duties for the blog today because my mommy claims she is too busy. In fact she wanted me to tell you that she's sorry that she hasn't posted for almost a month now, but she just can't find the time. I don't believe her of course. But I guess teaching all that yoga and working on her research study and pretending to train for the Pgh marathon is taking up a lot of time! And let's not forget me!!! I am coming up on my 6 month birthday, making life at our house ever changing, always interesting and so much fun!! By the way, am I my father's son or what (see above!)??!!

In January so much happened! I spent my first night at Grandma and Grandpa Northrop's house without Mommy and Daddy! I had a great time and Mom and Dad said that they did nothing but sleep. Apparently, that is called fun these days. I also visited with my Great Grandparents and Cousins. Mommy said she can't find those pictures right now but will post them as soon as she does.

We visited with a bunch of crazy ladies that my mom calls "girls team". They seem nice, but all they like to do is hug and kiss me and pinch my cheeks. Luckily, Ethan and our daddies were there to distract them or I never would have gotten any sleep!

Last week was very exciting. It started out with a visit from my Grandpere and Grandmere Giovengo. They are back in the states for a few months and came from DC just to see me! I had such fun and now I miss them a ton. I will be seeing a lot of them in March though when they come to Pgh for a whole month!

That same weekend, the super Steelers won the AFC championship and now they are going to the Super Bowl! I was so excited. You may not have been able to tell, because I slept through a lot of the game, but, trust me, I was excited.

And then (there's more?!?!) Inauguration Day was great too! I dressed up for the occasion. Mommy and I watched all the festivities and she did not let me sleep through the big speech. Now I can say I witnessed history!
Let's not forget all the fun visits with my Uncle Ben and Aunt Sue! You can see that they are just like my mommy and love to dress me up in crazy hats and take my picture with giant trees!!

Some cool things that I've decided to do to impress my parents:
- I've started talking (hence the witty title). I've started to find my voice and am really goo-ing a lot now!
- My head control is getting very good. I love to sit on Mommy's lap and try to hold my head and torso up!
- I'm getting so much better visually, watching my parents from all over the room.
- I love to smile and play very early in the morning. And I think my parents are getting better at waking up at 6am on the weekends!
- And perhaps, most notable, I've started solids. I think I like that sticky stuff that they started with, but I really wish they'd hurry up and give me something with some flavor! I asked for cotton candy, the blue kind, but I don't think they'll go for it.

Like Mommy mentioned before, I have a lot of challenges that my parents and the great team of doctors at Childrens' are still sorting out. But I'm working hard, with therapists and on my own, and am making progress. I am giving the phrase "baby steps" a whole new meaning!

So anyway, hopefully my mommy will write again soon, before I turn 1! Uh oh. Here she comes. Gotta go. Pretend I'm sleeping! ;)