Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

here it is, smack dab in the middle of a busy summer and i've posted only once!  YIKES!  well, as many busy moms know, especially us moms of super special kids, when we're on a mission, DO NOT get in the way.  and my mission over the past 2 months has been to get the little cowboy through the summer *healthy* so we can have a rootin', tootin' good time at his 2nd birthday rodeo!  and did we ever!

now, it hasn't been all baking and decorating for the last 2 months.  we have had some other adventures.  such as  traveling (a trip to the Poconos for a family reunion, Wyatt's first weekend get-away), visiting family (Grandpa and Grandma Giovengo are visiting for the summer from the exotic country of.... Albania? :) and  friends from all over (the wild west! it's Wyatt's dream to live in Tombstone, you know.)  and we've had some fun trips to the National Aviary, the Greenfield Pool ;) and of course Wyatt's vacation home at Grandma and Grandpa Northrop's house.  In sunny Wexford.

health wise, we've been doing just ok.  Wyatt has not had a seizure since March (KOW).  he has been dealing with lots of respiratory issues.  we placed a lot of confidence in the fundoplication, and it just hasn't been as helpful as we had hoped.  there are still daily episodes of vomiting.  bad vomiting.  it's a yucky cycle.  congested, gagging, vomit, aspirate...rinse repeat.  but, on the bright side, the kid has finally made it into the 25% for height and weight!  (and we're talking about a kiddo who never made it past the 3% until the last check-up!)  we are hoping that an upcoming removal of adenoids will help as well.  but who knows.

but, developmentally, Wyatt is doing great.  for Wyatt.  he has become an interactive kid.  giggling with us, when we tickle him.  using "yes" and "no" buttons to indicate when he wants to play, read, etc.  throwing little 2 year old tantrums when he is tired. overall, just communicating so much better.  i have even heard him say "ma" on more than one occasion when looking right at me.  and i don't care if it is an accident.   we play in the pool , go down slides, run in the tripped out BOB running stroller and have even braved a few hikes with the hiking backpack.  (the jury is still out on that one).  

Wyatt's official birthday party was Sunday.  it was a party with *just* family.  which has grown to over 25 people in just the past few years.  and let me tell you, we feel the love.  sing it Elton.  seriously, the family and friends that have shared in Wyatt's ups and downs over the past 2 years really do hold us up.  so what better way to show everyone we care?  throw a party!!  a real western extravaganza!  don't worry, i will be posting pictures soon!

afterwards, Ben and i shed a few tears, as turning 2 is more than just a birthday for us.  and for Wyatt.  it's a sweetbitter (better than bittersweet) reminder than our time with him may be limited.  so as we move towards 3, we will continue to focus on the positives, snap pictures (and someday post them) and share our lives with the ones we love!