Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Aunt Sue,

my new favorite Aunt Sue and Wyatt picture! and i have no idea why this text is underlined....i'm new here ok?

just wanted to give a little air time to Wyatt's Aunt Susie, my sister. she has been an absolute godsend in these past 3+ months. practically a 3rd parent to our little guy. she spends every Monday with him, watching him while i teach yoga and before Ben gets home from work. and she has spent countless Saturday afternoons with him while i run errands, go for a jog or try to get something done in the house. we would not be able to function without Aunt Sue (and the other members of our family who will be getting their own posts soon :)

the best part about coming home to Sue and Wyatt is waiting until she leaves and then checking out the camera to see the cute pictures she has taken of the two of them. following are a few of my favorites! we love you Aunt Sue!

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  1. It looks like Susie and Wyatt have a lot of fun together! He is lucky to have such an amazing aunt!