Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Countdown

we made it home.  mostly safe and not really sound at all. :)  Wy came home tues. (click on this and you may remember my disdain for all tuesdays.) he was, how can i say it?  CRABBY.  and he remained that way, until today.  the crabbiness is more like a short temper now.  but he is for sure healthier and we seem to be out of the woods.  he was on a ventilator for 3 days and that takes a toll on a little kid.  not to mention the aftershock of coming off of heavy sedation.  let's just say, he couldn't even be held.  THAT'S crabby ;)

but these woods, sheesh.  they really got us good this time.  all of it was topped off by the not-too-surprising fact that my blood pressure rose 10 points over the course of Wyatt's hospital stay.  a very concerning statistic when one is pregnant.  so, on Monday, as i'm driving to Children's Hospital (where Wyatt was) my midwife calls and asks me to come to Mercy hospital straight away.  i actually had the nerve to say no!!  she asked, right?  well, then, she was a bit more stern and i turned around and drove myself to a separate hospital where i underwent 3 hours of testing.  no emergency, we won't have to induce tonight.  TONIGHT?! you were thinking about tonight?  so, on bed-rest for tues.  my amazing husband, parents and in-laws (not to mention Aunt Sue) were there to help out.  in fact my husband didn't help, he did.  i helped.  he is one good dad.  then, back to the hospital on tues. night, bags packed, just in case.  4 hours of tests.  all is good.  seriously, 1 day of bed rest can lower your blood pressure 10 points!  but i was told to take it easy until the babe comes.

so, i have been, and i feel great.  another reason i'm feeling good is that we have decided to forgo the birth center, "hippie birth", and be induced at the hospital tomorrow evening. (all of our relatives are breathing easy!) something about being in control of this whole process makes me feel a bit more at ease.  having a kiddo like Wyatt, whose unexpected health issues are constantly keeping us on our toes, has added more stress than we could have imagined.

it was a fun day today.  to take our last walk as a family of 4 (including our dog:).  to eat our last dinner together as a little family.  to feel at ease with tomorrow's impending arrival, rather than anxious about when it will happen.  i am, by the way, 39 weeks and was induced with Wyatt too.  it feels familiar this way!)

so next time i write, i'll be posing pictures of Wyatt and his little brother!!!  wish us luck!  :)


  1. Oh lots of luck to you!!! Just keep thinking about this new little one and finally getting to hold him in your arms and kiss his little face!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

  2. Good to know that everyone is safe and feeling better. You all are in thoughts & prayers. Wishing you well tomorrow and can't wait to hear about little cowboy #2's grand entrance into the world! Much love!!!

  3. So excited to meet the newest member of your family! Thinking about you guys tonight/tomorrow! :)

  4. im glad that wyatt is doing well leah and i wish you all the best on the birth onyour newest little one. i totally understand what you are going through, its very beautiful and surreal to have a 'take home baby' but that is what you shall be having. wyatt will make a great big brother, so much love heading your way, can't wait to see pictures xxx

  5. thanks so much for the update, Leah. I always think of you and am happy to see how things are going on here. sorry to hear you had a rough few days. glad to hear that you are feeling better about being in control of the birth... you all have had a lot on your plates. I wish you all the best for the delivery of baby #2. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

  6. I am craving updates on both litle ones! How are you doing???