Thursday, September 8, 2011

are you still there?

obviously, having 2 kids doesn't leave much time for blogging.  i don't know how all those other moms do it!   i had a great post all thought out.  but no time to type it.  well actually, i typed half of it today, but lost it.  so i'm canning it - for now - and giving you a bit of what you've been dying to see.

Wyatt as a big brother!!!!

meet little brother, Weston.  pretty darn cute huh?  he's a good baby. very good. and he's already 3 months old!

here's his first 3 months - in pictures.

the boys are a perfect pair of best buddies.  Wyatt has adjusted so well to being a big brother.  you can tell it all from the smile on his face.  now mama and dada are still adjusting.  more on that later!!!


  1. The cuteness is out of control! Wyatt looks so happy to be a big brother and Weston is just plain awesome! Good work, mama! Date soon? :)

  2. Love the pics! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boys:)

  3. thanks friends! and yes, b, date soon!